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If you think training's expensive, consider the cost of ignorance…………

80% of businesses that suffer a significant fire do not survive…………

All fire is preventable. Having no or an inadequate fire risk assessment is against certain fire safety laws, mainly the Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order 2005, or FSO. See the fire law page for more info. All employees must receive suitable fire safety training – have a look at our training courses and business sectors to see how we can help you fulfil your businesses training requirements. We will tailor fire safety training courses for your business and will work with you to fulfil your training requirements. We take our training very seriously and make it effective and relevant to the business, industry and risk concerned!!

We also have a section on fire risk assessments which gives some more detail on what is expected and how we can help you and your business stay safe and legal.

Numerous companies have been fined and some people been imprisoned for various failings under the FSO and other fire safety related laws. The news section on the left has a bit more detail on some of these cases and why they ended up in court. An up to date and most importantly a suitable and sufficient fire risk assessment is key to remaining safe and legal. Of course if the advice and guidance of the risk assessment is ignored or not followed the onus is on the responsible person.

Our aim is to provide a service that helps mitigate the effects, to people and property, of fire before it starts, by providing high quality, in depth fire risk assessments and fire safety training. We have the back up of a network of fire engineering professionals who are all members of the Institution of Fire Engineers.

If you have fire extinguishers on your premises as a requirement by law, there is a clear need to be able to understand the risks associated with their risk and how to use them with minimal risk to the person using them, and others in the premises.

We all so provide in association with our partner company, Trident Medical, a comprehensive pre hospital care service – from a 1 hour Cardio Pulmonary Resuscitation (CPR) refresher to training trauma care instructors. We cover all aspects of first aid training and pre hospital care.

If you have any questions about our services please get in touch, were glad to help!